5 Types of Characters You Will Meet at A Music Festival

If this is going to be your first time at the State Music Festival, you are not going to be disappointed. There are tons of music and festivities that you will absolutely dig, and not to mention the kinds of people you will get to meet. Europe is the hub of some of the trendiest and craziest music festivals around the world, and the event has delivered as promised.

Get your tickets in early for the festivals and book your flights in advance, so you get to have a choices. The passionate festival attendees go extra miles to make their experiences completely worthwhile and you will have some serious competition. At the festival you’re guaranteed to meet some of the people you wouldn’t get a chance to meet on an average day. Here are 5 people you will meet at the festival.

1.    The Hoopers

This is probably the one kind of character, that most people laugh about when they enter the festival. But, a few drinks down and you are guaranteed to ask them for their hoop to have a go. Hoola Hoopers are probably the strangest characters you will meet at the festival. Their skill and energy are on a different level of usual. However, the glamour and the splash of colour they add to your festival videos and photos, is a reason you need them around.

2.    The “I Lost My Bag” Girl

Yep, you can sure find this character right at the time, you enter the festival grounds. If you are lucky you won’t meet one or you would be too engrossed to even notice her. Make no mistake, she has lost something of value and will soon either find it or forget about it. In the end, the festival and the fun are all that counts, and she will be fine. Lend her a quick suggestion if you did see her bag or hope that she finds it.

3.    The Sleeper

No, the guy who you see lying on the grass is not always the drunk and tired guy. He is probably another famous character who catches up on his sleep at the festival. He probably partied hard before he got to the festival and can’t enjoy it as much as the others. He’s probably told his friends to wake him in an hour for his favourite artist’s performance too.

4.    The Lone Dancer

This guy or girl is like the energizer bunny of the festival. From the minute they enter the grounds till the time they leave you will see them dance. They’re quite comfortable to dance by themselves and anywhere too. Standing in line for the toilets? No problem, they’ll still be dancing, while moving up the line.

5.    The Mud Slingers

Stay far away from these people unless you want to be covered in mud too. They look like they are having a blast at the festival and are happy to have more people join their cult. If you are one for the rolling and the slinging, jump right in and join the fun.