7 Problems That Only A Music Festival Enthusiast Will Understand

Every summer hundreds and thousands of people gather together to party till they drop at a music festival. From the famous Coachella to the more recent Lollapalooza, everyone who loves music and experiences is in front and center of the fun. Even the most ardent festival fan has problems that they face at a music festival. Some problems leave an impact for a few months to a few years as well. Some fans look for the silver lining in the middle of it all, but it can really upset and turn some people away from music festivals altogether too.

Arriving at The Venue

The biggest problem and the most common one is having to get to the venue. Festivals in the Home-Town are easier to attend than attending one that is far away. In which case, organizing transport is a huge pain and takes a lot of effort, and perhaps, even a lot of money. Saving your battery becomes top-priority in such cases too.

Choosing an Outfit for Photographs or Comfort

Women all over face this. The choice of whether to dress for comfort or style a huge question is. Finding the balance between the two is never an option. Ask people for advice and the first thing they would say is to dress in what makes you comfortable. Talk about help being helpless!

Tanning Troubles

The problem with tan lines is a serious one for many. At least if was just tan lines that marked your body that you can well coverup, when you go to work, what happens when it’s around the eyes. Summer and sunglasses go together, and so does tan lines around the eyes. Not to forget the tan lines you get from the wristband you wear.

The Bathroom Situation

The queues are the worst for this. Standing and waiting for a long time behind scores of people waiting to empty their bladders; thanks to the overflowing drinks at the venue. Then, when you reach the bathroom, the disaster that waits.

Battery Preservation

More than anything that annoys the daylights out of anyone; it’s the battery situation that the worst. Forget about finding a place to charge your phone anywhere if you don’t have enough battery or a spare battery pack. The choice between taking photos for social media or saving it to reach your friends in case you get lost is the dilemma.

Choosing the Stage, You Want

Choosing the stage that you will be at can be annoying. If you haven’t looked at the set list to plan your experience properly, you are probably going to be stuck between shuffling from stage to stage. The struggle is real when you finally get to one stage, and you hear about a good artist on the far side, who is better.

Running Out of Food and Drink

Standing at the food and drinks queues for an hour only to find the food you want or the drink you want, run out. That’s just terrible and can leave people annoyed. While the chances of the drinks never running out, the choice of the good food running out is very disheartening.