A Music Festival That is All About Making a Difference – TINYfest

Few music festivals can combine a social cause along with providing hours of real entertainment. This Is Not Your Fest (TINYfest) is a fabulous music festival making history with a social purpose at its core. The financial and emotional needs of assaulted victims are supported through this music festival. The music festival runs over four days and takes place in the Bay Area. A pre-fest drag show in Albany sets the stage for the celebration. Various genres of music are featured ranging from pop-punk, cover bands and experimental. Over 30 bands are featured at the pre-fest. The profits from the fest go to the victims of rape through a non-profit organization in the Bay Area. The music festival goes a step further by offering counseling services at the venue for women who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and harassment. A one of a kind music festival that aims to make a difference is what TINYfest is all about.

The Birth of The Idea

Music festivals are an immense sensation throughout the world. With the organizing of a music festival comes to power, and popularity to show organizers and artists. When this power and fame is abused, there is a need to stand up and fight back. The organizers of TINYfest revealed that the idea was born when they met women who had been sufferers of sexual harassment, abuse, and violence, but none other than show organizers of a music festival. The popularity of the show organizers has fed the lousy reputation that comes with being involved with music festival organizers.

Daniele Silva and Marie Angel, the founders of TINYfest, decided to change the stigma that is attached to music festivals and show support to the festival attendees by providing more than just music. A vast ‘slap in the face,’ to organizers who thought they could get away with crimes, indeed. Their initiative was not met with a welcome at first. There was a backlash from the perpetrators and attempts to stop the show from happening was only met with further resistance by survivors.

What to Expect at The Festival

Everything at a usual music festival and more is what you can expect. The organizers aim to provide a safe environment for women who attend music festivals. Awareness regarding domestic violence and sexual predation are weaved carefully into the celebration, so as not to dilute the experience. After several trials and errors and understanding what people are looking for in a party, the perfected festival was featured in September 2018, after careful planning for nine months. Catering to different tastes of people is the fundamental lesson the organizers the organizers have learned from their experience.

The admission to the show is a ticketed event that initially started for a one-day event and has grown to a four day one, because of its demand. Every engineer, patron, promoter, record label, and the band are held responsible for their actions and voice, at the festival. A safe environment with great music and unique talent await everyone who fears to attend a music festival. And no, this festival is not just catering to women, but to every human who has been a victim.