Buying Tickets to Tomorrowland – An Experience in Itself

If you are a music festival fan and you haven’t been to one in Europe, you’ve missed out. Europe music festivals are the real deal and epic. The Tomorrowland music festival which has gained popularity over the last few years, is the well-known abode of music festival junkies worldwide. The splendour and glamour of the festival is absolutely everything the videos and vlogs claim to be.

The General Stream

Tickets are the first thing you have to consider before you get excited about even telling your friends about your wish to go for the festival. The biggest and worst nightmare of this bucket list event is getting tickets. Seasoned festival junkies know the loop holes of getting the ticket from different sources. However, for a newbie, the traditional online buying route is the way.

The tickets are all sold out within 5 mins, of opening the online portal to buy the tickets. Yes, that’s the demand you are looking at. You will need to keep your credit card handy and hope that your internet connection stays high speed if you need to get a ticket. Get a few friends together and have a party when booking tickets with several browser tabs refreshing, waiting for the portal to open. This way, one of you might get in and you can either celebrate a victorious event or you’ll make memories at the least. If a lot of your friends would be attending, then its best to have several people attempting to book. Only 4 tickets can be purchased by a single person.

After Sales and Groups

For those who miss the general online booking stream to book the tickets, there are other ways you can get a ticket. There are websites social media pages that are scattered with information with people who bulk buy in the general stream and sell for a profit. However, you would have quite a large price to pay or these tickets than you would get through the online portal directly. People are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get these tickets and they are in high demand as well. On Facebook groups the second someone puts up a post about the ticket being available, you would find hundreds of interested parties already making transfers to the sellers. Websites such as Viagogo and Stubhub are official Tomorrowland ticket resellers and are genuine websites you can get the tickets from without the fear of being duped.

Valid or Invalid

For a music event as huge as this, and the price that people pay to get the tickets; there is always worry if the ticket is genuine or no. Beware about buying from unknown sources as the tickets might not be genuine. Make sure that the person or source is reliable. If you have purchased a ticket, the next worry you would face is if you can get into the festival if the seller has not correctly transferred the ticket to your name. from what seasoned party goers say, no one even checks the ID of the person carrying the bracelet if the bracelet is valid.