Five Ways to Level Up Your Music Festival Experience

Everybody loves summer. Along with the sun comes happy and warm experiences. The outdoor festivities that accompany the warm weather has encouraged music festival organisers to create epic experiences. Fans from all over the world flock to the venues, to check out their favourite artists and explore new and upcoming bands. These venues are a hub, for different vendors to also showcase their innovation. Festival attendees use the opportunity to show off their latest styles and fashion accessories.

Stakeout Adventure

There are free concerts and music festivals, that are hosted in every city throughout the world. These free venues are often a hub for large crowds of people to attend. If you want to be able to get the best seats in the house, then you must get there first. However, standing in a long queue can take the joy out of getting to experience the best. Choose a nice shady café or pub close to the venue, a few hours before opening time, and start your party early. Once you notice the crowd thickening at the entrance, head over and join the queue. This way instead of spending hours on your phone while waiting in the queue, you can at least enjoy some food and drink and still get in, in time.

Last Minute Tickets

Unless you are planning to attend an incredibly popular music festival, don’t buy your tickets till the end. There are always people who want to give up their tickets closer to the show date or even on the day, and this can work in your favour. People will be willing to give up their tickets for even quarter of the price on social media and reseller websites.

The Headline Act

Many people who attend a music festival always want to be there for their favourite artist. However, some of the best upcoming artists are always featured at the start of the festival. Getting to the venue early to catch the opening acts will not only give you a chance to explore your music tastes, but also give you front row seats to your favourite artist.

Getting Close to The Stage

Everybody at a music festival are always drawn to the main stage area if you wish to get to the front. If you try to push to the front, be prepared for a lot of dirty looks. The other alternative is to be smart and come up with innovative ways to get to the front, without being noticed. One way would be, to follow someone who is returning from a bathroom break and stay close behind them. Another way would be to move to the front, through the perimeter of the ground rather than from the middle.

Buying Merch

If you go to a music festival and take a lot of photographs on your mobile phone, chances are that you would never see them again, unless you were clearing out your phone. Therefore, pick up some small merchandise from the festival, that you can use frequently or show-off for years to come. Popular merchandise such as fridge magnets, coffee mugs or t-shirts are perfect.