How to Survive Coachella – Part 1

Where to stay

Most people who attend Coachella stay either on-site or elsewhere. One thing you should note is that hotels raise their prices significantly and still manage to fill up in advance. Camping passes to stay on-site include a plot of land for a tent and a vehicle but they also sell out early. They’re available to purchase as soon as the festival passes are made available so you’d be wise to buy both as soon as you can.

On-site camping gives you somewhere to go should you choose to take a short break from the concert. You also won’t need to take on the traffic when entering and leaving the event. If there’s no on-site availability remaining when you go to book or if it’s too expensive, try to secure location close to Coachella, such as the Shadows Hills RV Resort, which includes a pool and numerous. showers.

The main disadvantages of camping are that you will spend the entire festival feeling dirty and will be very short on sleep. Partying goes on until the early hours at the campgrounds and the sun will give you no choice but to wake up early. If it’s your very first Coachella, you should try and stay on-site as it’s something that you’ll want to experience at least once.

Renting with friends

In subsequent years, you could always team up with friends and rent a house. You’ll be forced to drive to and from from the Coachella grounds, but you’ll also be able to enjoy some relaxation time away from the festival, as well as get a good night’s sleep.

The first thing you’ll want to do once you arrive is pay a visit to the grocery store for supplies and head on back to your accommodation to cook up a large group meal. For all three festivals days, you’ll be surviving on fried foods and pizza so you’ll want to get a nutritious meal while you can.

Finding Airbnb alternatives

The cities close by have plenty of vacation homes and retirement communities so there won’t be any problem seeking out supplies. If you don’t have any luck finding accommodation with Airbnb, you could always try VRBO or its parent company HomeAway.

Just make sure you secure a house with enough beds for the entire group, as well as a grill and a pool. You will have a much better time of things should you find somewhere with the latter two. Almost all houses in the region have their own pool or at least access to one in a shared community.

What you should pack

When you visit the Coachella Valley, you’re entering a desert so it will be dry, flat, and very, very hot. While three of the stages are covered, the other two aren’t and so you’ll be forced to do what you can to protect yourself from the sun. The acts play for at least 12 hours per day and you’ll sure to be sweltering in the sun for at least some of that time, so you’ll need a few important items to help you survive the Coachella climate.