How to Survive Coachella – Part 2

Stay hydrated

Drink more water than you’ve consumed in any three-day period of your life. In fact, just when you think you’ve drunk enough, drink some more. There’s free water at the festival and there’s the bottled variety available at around $2. If you think you’ll opt for bottled water, bring a bag with you to see you through a few sets so you aren’t spending all day in line. You might also wish to consider bringing along electrolyte tablets to add to your water.

Prevent sunburn

You’ll be burning in the sun for three long days. So, use sunscreen and make sure to constantly reapply it. Be clever on your choice of clothing, too. You’ll be too hot to wear too much but you’ll also want to cover as much of your body as you can.

Be comfortable

While the nights aren’t as warm as the day, you’ll be comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts. Wear clothes designed to keep you cool, along with a comfortable pair of sneakers. You’ll want as much room to breathe as possible. You’ll be sitting and sweating in the dirt all day long so wear clothes that are easy enough to wash.

While moisture-wicking fabrics might sound like a good idea, once they sweat, they smell awful. You’ll be sweating early in the day and standing among others for the remainder of it so take your festival friends into account. And don’t go barefoot or wear high heels, and no Native American headdresses. Also, wear shoes that are easy to remove.

Charge your devices

If you’re addicted to Instagram or intend to be regularly using your phone for some other reason, bring a USB battery pack along for extra energy. There are charging stations on the grounds, but you’d be queuing up even longer than you would for water. So be sure to pack a battery pack with you so your phone can give you more while you’re on a day away from your regular outlets.

Know what food is available

As well as ensuring that you stay hydrated, you’ll also need to eat well. Heat can be an appetite suppressor, even when your body desperately needs sustenance. Fortunately, there are numerous food options available at Coachella of varying price and quality. Spicy Pie pizza is a popular choice and an easy one when you’re in a hurry.

If money is an issue, however, you might want to avoid paying $7 for pizza slices and $5 for churros. You could instead choose the pricier options of $8 burritos or $10 burgers. While this may not make sense at first, the latter contains both carbs and protein and provides the most amount of nutrition per dollar. Be careful of any foods that will give you a sugar crash or make you feel sluggish, especially in the daytime.

Make sure you treat yourself to at least one slice of the Spicy Pie, as it’s all part of the experience. But just bear in mind that the food options at Coachella have improved in the past few years and there are both higher-quality and healthier options available. So, make sure you take advantage of what’s on offer and constantly bear in mind what you eat. There’s always the Clif Bar if you’re feeling peckish while being stuck at one of the stages between sets.