Lollapalooza – The Family Friendly Music Festival

If you are looking for a music festival that the whole family can enjoy, then lollapalooza is the place to go. The festival has something for every age. Being Chicago’s largest headline music festival, expect to witness over 100,000 fans to flock to the venue. The organizers of the festival recognize this demand and carefully cater, with security measures to enhance the festival experience.

What to Expect

Every year, hundreds of acts are performed on different stages. Big brands such as Pepsi, Budweiser, American eagle, etc. sponsor the different stages, where big artists like Bruno mars, the Weeknd and Jack White, perform. Lollapalooza runs over 4 days, and usually in the month of August. Festival attendees can buy their tickets and activate their wristbands online. This will ensure that scammers do not duplicate tickets.

The security is tight, especially after the breach in security measures at the recent Las Vegas music festival. Festivalgoers are requested to cooperate with the security personnel when asked for bag checks. Your wristband allows you to enter and exit the festival grounds 3 times in a day. VIP passes are available which gives people access to a private grove. Comfortable air-conditioned restrooms, lawn games, shade and private seating are some of the perks.

Food and drink is available at the venue. Food authentic to Chicago along with over 30 different vendors are available. Children who are younger than 10 years can enter Kidzapalooza, with an accompanying parent. Child friendly activities are available here. ATMs are scattered throughout the venue, and so are fully stocked bars. If you wish to purchase merchandise from the festival, it is advisable to either order online or pick it up as soon as you enter the festival.

Things Prohibited at the Festival

Large bags and backpacks are prohibited. If you are carrying a bag larger than is allowed, you can rent a locker for $20 to store it. Food, beverages and coolers are not allowed from outside. Glass containers and aerosol cans are not allowed either. As this is a child friendly festival, cigarettes and vaping devices are strictly prohibited.

Capturing your memories at the music festival is encouraged, however, professional video, audio or photo equipment and accessories are strictly prohibited this includes Selfie sticks and Go-Pros. Any kind of motorized vehicles, bikes, skateboards scooter, etc. are strictly prohibited inside the festival grounds. If you arrived at the venue on a bike, you can park for free outside the venue. For families wishing to sit comfortably, take note that only picnic mats or blankets are allowed. Any structure that provides shade is not allowed to be brought into the venue.

Getting to the Venue

Most of the festival attendees use public transportation to get to the venue. Expect dedicated public transport services running from popular spots. Driving to the venue is not recommended, as finding parking would be a nightmare. Taxi services are also a great alternative, for those who do not wish to take public transport. If you enjoy riding a bike, finding parking is easy. There are also options for people to rent a bike to the venue.