Panorama – The Coachella of The East

The producers of Coachella have put together a brand-new music festival called Panorama, that is already showing promise of becoming a legend. The New York based music festival has been created to bring the flavour and hype that comes with the Coachella fame, to the other side of the coast. Even though Panorama has only been around for the last 3 years, concert goers are beginning to see it as a close relative to its westside counterpart.

Over the last three years, the festival has been introducing big artists, to market its popularity. The 2018 concert saw the incredible Janet Jackson make an appearance at the festival. This raised a few eyebrows and drew some attention as well. Even though Panorama does not run for two weekends like Coachella does, the promise exists.

The Perfect Place for Good Food and Great Music

The entire layout of the music festival is set up to please. The picnic-like atmosphere encouraging festival goers to set up on the grass and enjoy their favourite artists, appeals to the seasoned audience. The New York weather does little to hamper the spirit of the attendees, who have been flocking to witness popular artists. The picturesque venue is a huge plus, that everyone has been raving about.

The festival has encouraged enough room for food and drink stations. Everyone knows that New York is the place to be if you are a foodie, and Panorama does not disappoint. The wide selection of food and multinational cuisines from some of the best places in New York are featured at the festival, that both visitors and locals can experience. The food is so good, that they even have a food line-up featured on the official website, like they would an artist line-up.

Uniquely Panorama

Every patron who has been to Coachella and then to Panorama, see the striking difference in the experience. Right from the amazing customer services, to the brilliantly organized areas, Panorama has already become a favourite. The very sensation of being amazed begins, when you take the ferry ride to the venue, at Randall’s Island. Free and delicious cocktails await the awestruck attendees on arrival.

Watching your favourite artist perform against a backdrop of the gorgeous New York skyline, is a winner. Most people who attend music festivals know that, the second days are usually a lame attempt at keeping a music festival full. Panorama delivered on its promise of flawless music and experience, even on the second day. The vendors upped their game and concocted up recipes, that were delectable as well as, cured the hangovers of returning party goers.

The last day of the festival was jam packed as any music festival, where all the headlining artists came in and wowed the crowd. The music flowed along with the good food and cocktails. Artists such as nine-inch-nails and Vince Staples have also graced the stages. For being a new addition to the music festival scene, Panorama is already showing critics a promise of beating Coachella in its popularity. Time and great marketing shows promise that this will become the next legend in music festivals.