The Current Trends In Popular Music

Music is constantly evolving with the entry of new artists and new art forms. Newer artists use inspirations from the past and include new trends to make their music stand out. The music scene currently is healthy and the following is good with the number of events that encourage new artists. Critics believe that the influence of old school music forms still has a large impact on the kind of popular music made today.

Popular garage parties such as Garage Splash, Garage Nation and Foors encourage newer artists and new trends.  Artists are able to make creative music based on the choice of listeners worldwide. However, artists feel that platforms to showcase their music through events need to increase.

The music trend is currently driving inspiration from the years 1993-97. The productions between those years are unrivalled in terms of soul and energy. The likes of Masters at Work, Todd Edwards, New Horizons and Victor Simonelli are trendsetters in production and continue to hold center stage.

What Trends Can You Expect Over The Next Few Years

Music websites and apps such as Sound Cloud are slowly dying while the music on Spotify and YouTube has been gaining popularity. This goes to show that listeners prefer a mixture of popular music by well-known artists weaved in with new artists.

Record production has also seen a steady change over the years. According to the opinions from the masters in the current music industry, artists prefer to release music under their own brands instead of labels. The trend of having a label to back an artist is slowly changing as the strength of social media rises.

Artists are now able to market themselves without the need for a label to promote their music. Trends such as Dub-step seem to be growing, while the strong bass continues to dominate the trend in music. EDM and Pop music are starting to merge and build a whole new genre of music. The creative phase of marketing music through personal social media accounts and playlists on YouTube is becoming a preferred way to reach more people.

The prediction that music festivals would die and give rise to more dance parties has not proved to be true. The growth of major festivals that host Garage music has seen a steady rise. The subscriber base increase proves that music is now easy to monetize as well.

What The 51st State Festival Promises

The 51st State Festival is an amazing festival that allows new popular artists to showcase their music and find the right crowd pleasers. The music played at the festival is featured on Spotify playlists and listeners get to take away more than a one-time experience. The overall experience of the festival has a positive powerful vibe that has seen success over the last few years.

The festival itself has evolved over the years and every year there is something new that the productions bring to the stage. The state of art visuals and sharper sound systems promise to enhance the overall festival experience.