Things to Prepare for at the Music Festival

On the day of the music festival, chances are that you are completely and over the top excited to get the venue. You have probably also prepared for the rains, the sun, emergency meeting points and decided on the artists you MUST see. Take a quick moment to skim through this list of things you need to be prepared for when you are the music festival.

Drink Water

Sure, you are constantly hearing this, and when it comes to a high action-packed music festival, it is very important you stay hydrated. Whether you are consuming alcohol or dancing the whole time, make sure you drink water. The last thing you need, is to faint from dehydration and need to leave the music festival. Carry a bottle of water with you or buy one at the many stands at the festival. Keep topping up your water and enjoy hours of great music and energy.

Be Kind

You are at a festival, where thousands of people have come together to make it an enjoyable experience. Make sure you are kind and respectable to everyone attending the festival. This is important, especially when dealing with the event staff. They are highly stressed and having to manage thousands of drunk party goers, is not an easy feat. They are also there to help you and keep the peace and calm at the festival. So, if you are asked politely to do something, be kind and oblige.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind

When you leave the festival, make sure that you don’t leave any of your belongings and trash. There are trash cans littered across the festival grounds that you can use. If its your mess, make sure you clean it up. If you notice any mess that could potentially cause harm to anyone like broken glass, make sure you inform the staff.


Going to a music festival and enjoying the music and festivities is a cool experience. While capturing the memories on your phone and camera is amazing, getting some merchandise from the festival is a great way to remember the experience. You can use the website of the 51st State Festival to pick up your merchandise, before you go to the festival or pick them up first thing at the grounds. If you are picking up merchandise at the venue, make sure it is easy to carry around. A shirt is perfect, as you can wear it as an accessory at the festival and take it back with you as well.


While photos and videos capture every single moment for you, there is nothing like experiencing the festival through your own eyes. Take a lot of photos and videos, but put your device away and remember to have fun without it. You’ll be thankful you saved your battery as well this way.

Have Fun

In the end, have fun. The 51st State Music Festival is all about bringing people together to have a good time listening and experiencing. Your favourite artists are probably just as excited as you are about delivering what they promise. Give the festival its deserved success and have a good time and stay safe.