Tips Preparing for a Music Festival Before Arriving at the Venue

For three years the 51st State Music Festival has been a huge success and this year promised bigger and better experiences. Whether you are a seasoned music festival attendee or a newbie, you can prepare yourself to make sure your experience is enjoyable. Hopefully you have booked your tickets and have made plans where to meet up with your friends before entering the festival grounds. This list is complied from the expert opinions of seasoned ravers to make your experience everything you want it to be.

Weather Checks

The first thing you do before you pack or prepare for a music festival is check the weather. There are several reliable websites such as AccuWeather that are accurate in their predictions. A bad weather does not have to deter you from your plans; with advance preparation, you can turn your festival experience into a rain dance. Nevertheless, rain or shine, make sure your makeup is waterproof, so you don’t end up with racoon eyes midway. Guys can wear some form of headgear that both looks flashy and would keep the water off their eyes if it rains. A bandana is perfect for both the rain or sun, so pick one up.


You have probably considered staying at an Airbnb or a hotel, when you are travelling to attend the music festival. However, make sure you book your accommodation as soon as you buy your travel and festival tickets to make sure you get in early. Many motels have deals for travellers who are booking for the festival, so look out for them.

Pack the Night Ahead

It is exciting to get to the festival and all planning and preparing goes out the window on festival day. Therefore, make sure you have packed your bags and car the night before you start partying. If you are planning on starting with a pre-festival round of partying, make sure your bags are prepared before that. That way, you know you have all the clothes, makeup and accessories ready, so you can just wake up and rush out.


Now this is something all the experts seem to have fun stories about. The advice is simple; expect to lose footwear to the mud or needing to walk around barefoot in the rain. The only way to be completely prepared, is to try your shoes out much earlier before you pack them. Whatever happens, don’t wear brand new shoes that are not broken into. Choose weather resistant and comfortable shoes or sandals.

Portable Charger

You are not going to find a charging port for your devices at the festival. Even if its only for 5 minutes, you aren’t going to find anyone who can lend you one either. So, invest in a portable charger that can fit in your pocket. Make sure it is fully charged as well and save your battery whenever you can.

Map Ahead

Make a schedule and map the grounds before you go to the festival or as soon as you enter. Identify and decide on a spot you can meet up with your mates if you get lost in the crowd. Decide on the artists you are interested in seeing and find out which stage they would be playing at. Find the locations on the festival grounds so you get to see all the artists you are interested in and don’t miss out.